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WOLF MASTERING uses state of the art equipment and classic vintage gear. Incorporating an exceptional, natural sounding custom analog chain, as well as digital converters, EQ, compression and editing.


WOLF MASTERING offers very reasonable rates, from demos to complete album projects, working with clients on an individual basis.

WOLF Mastering, a mastering studio located on Nashville's Music Row, provides mastering services for all recording genres and clients throughout the world. Mastering engineer Erik Wolf, owner and operator of Wolf Mastering, learned his craft in Los Angeles, then worked for the legendary Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood, California for five years before moving to Nashville to start his own mastering studio in 1996.

Each recording is different and requires its own sonic treatment. The best and only way you can hear the difference after mastering is to hear a sample of your own recording mastered by WOLF Mastering. Upon request, WOLF Mastering is happy to offer a free sample mastering of your recording. This is not just the "run it through plug-ins, louder is better" approach. 












Erik Wolf- "I've been mastering for many years, long enough to see many changes. When I started, I cut lacquers which were used to press vinyl records. That required a unique set of skills. Getting a recording to fit on one side of a record, one groove, from lead in to lead out, requires finesse and experience. When the industry changed, I learned early CD mastering on the Sony PCM 1630 with the most current technology at the time. Later, digital work stations were incorporated into the mastering. Though there have been changes, the process and the skills are basically the same.The role of the mastering engineer requires a combination of artistic and technical skills. Providing an objective set of ears and understanding to get the most from each recording. This will result in a great sounding project, one that will sound great on all types of playback. Big speakers or earbuds, CDs and MP3s."







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